Shaggy Shears Pet Grooming

Shaggy Shears Pet Grooming is a salon founded on the idea that a pet’s comfort always comes first. Since it was originally established in 2016 as “Shaggy Shears Pet Salon”, the main focus has always been providing quality results while putting emphasis on each individual pet's needs. Every dog is different, meaning every dog should be cared for in a way that suits them best.

Present day, many grooming salons function in a way that says “quantity over quality”. This is stressful not only for the clients (both parents and pups), but for the stylists that care for your fur babies. We strive to create an environment where groomers can thrive and reignite their passion; to make your pet look their best while providing a place where they can be at ease. When it comes to styling our staff will do our best to interpret exactly how you want your pet to look, and provide exceptional results.

Our services are done with some of the highest quality equipment in the industry, including:

-Tubs that are noise resistant creating a less stressful bath compared to the industry standard “steel tubs” which are noisy and can spook pets.
-A variety of dryers that can be switched out based on your pet's comfort level, never using “heated kennel dryers” which are oftentimes dangerous.
-The best professional shampoos and conditioners on the market to keep your pet's coat and skin healthy and clean.
-High quality, and maintained, grooming tools giving the best clip possible.