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Shaggy Shears Pet Grooming

Shaggy Shears Pet Grooming is a salon that was founded on the idea that a pet’s comfort always comes first. The grooming experience can be stressful for some pups but it is our goal to alleviate as much of that as possible while providing exceptional service and results. Another main focus of ours is quality. We have broadened our grooming knowledge giving us experience with pet trims, breed cuts, and unique styling. Every pup that walks through our doors will be treated like one of our own, receiving a tailored experience that is different from your traditional groom shop.

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Our Services

Shaggy Shears
Pet Grooming

We offer a variety of services to pamper your pet. Both the styling and bath packages include a therapeutic bath with quality shampoo and conditioner, warm fluff dry, brushout, nail trim and buff, ear cleaning and hair removal, and anal gland expression if needed.



Pet Styling (Full Haircuts and Tidy Trims)

Tailored haircuts for your pup, whether it's a full body clip or a tidy up.
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Deep cleansing bath treatments to get your pup squeaky clean and ready to cuddle.
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Standalone Services

When your pup needs some TLC without a bath/haircut visit. Everything from nail care to teeth brushing and scaling!
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Add Ons and Spa Packages

Additional services to enhance your pets' spa experience. This includes teeth brushing, de-shed treatments, specialty shampoos, medicated baths, and much more!
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Shaggy Shears
Pet Grooming

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